Casinos have always had live performers appearing regularly to meet their entertainment role and maintain the thrill that keeps patrons rolling. Many people attend to see the big names live and end up spending a lot in the spur of the moment.  

However, in the future, many casinos are likely to engage more tribute acts than original composers. This follows an outcry by tribal casinos who feel entertainment agents have overcharged them. For this and the following reasons, expect to see more Tribute bands on casino stages.  

Tribute Bands are Cheaper

Tribute bands cost less because they are not singing or performing their music that is already famous. For example, a band singing ABBA’s music can not charge the same fees as ABBA.


There are more casinos than the big performers available. At other times, patrons want to see a foreigner’s performance or music by somebody who has already passed away. To fill this void, tribute bands come in handy.  

Online casinos are trying as much as they can to replicate their physical counterparts. You find websites like mFortune staging a live session with a croupier like you would find in a physical casino. Soon, these casinos will be trying to replicate the performances in casinos too. Tribute acts will be their most readily available (and affordable) way to stage big names when they do.


The internet has made it possible to identify the best tribute acts with ease. Most of these groups upload their acts to platforms like YouTube. This makes it possible to spot a band that performs well even if it is far away from a casino. Without such platforms, it would be virtually impossible to know that some of these tribute acts exist. The ability to spot the best tribute acts will encourage casinos to engage them more and more.  

Another win for all tribute act lovers! Onwards, upwards!