Tribute acts are just as interesting as casino gaming. Both bring a lot of excitement to those who love them and are totally alien to those who don’t. But how do the two compare?  


Recreating Events and Characters

Tribute acts are premised on bringing back to life musicians who have long gone out of the industry, either dead or retired. The performers try to imitate the exact routines done by the original musicians. This includes their voice and costumes. An Elvis Presley tribute act will have another ‘Presley’ in it.  

Similarly, many casino games try to recreate items in the real environment. This is especially so with slots. Websites like casino legends have slot games built around themes like movie characters, athletes or popular cartoons. Slots like The Simpsons, Pink Panther and American Dad are recreations of the TV Shows.

Regular Promotions

Tribute acts, especially new ones, do a lot of promotions to attract followers. They give away free merchandise, free tickets and discounts to those who pay for VIP seats. Similarly, online casinos offer a wide range of bonuses to attract and keep players.  

Online Presence

Both of these entertainment forms have shown a great leaning toward online delivery in the recent past. For tribute acts, this type of delivery was spurred when the coronavirus epidemic caused lockdowns around the world.  


Tribute acts are different from casinos in many ways owing to the kind of content they deliver. While many casino games use Random Number Generators (RNGs), tribute acts retain the human touch. This may, however not be a difference in the future as gaming introduces live online casino models.