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Similarities and Differences Between Tribute Acts and Casino Gaming

Tribute acts are just as interesting as casino gaming. Both bring a lot of excitement to those who love them and are totally alien to those who don’t. But how do the two compare?  


Recreating Events and Characters

Tribute acts are premised on bringing back to life musicians who have long gone out of the industry, either dead or retired. The performers try to imitate the exact routines done by the original musicians. This includes their voice and costumes. An Elvis Presley tribute act will have another ‘Presley’ in it.  

Similarly, many casino games try to recreate items in the real environment. This is especially so with slots. Websites like mFortune casino have slot games built around themes like movie characters, athletes or popular cartoons. Slots like The Simpsons, Pink Panther and American Dad are recreations of the TV Shows.

Regular Promotions

Tribute acts, especially new ones, do a lot of promotions to attract followers. They give away free merchandise, free tickets and discounts to those who pay for VIP seats. Similarly, online casinos offer a wide range of bonuses to attract and keep players.  

Online Presence

Both of these entertainment forms have shown a great leaning toward online delivery in the recent past. For tribute acts, this type of delivery was spurred when the coronavirus epidemic caused lockdowns around the world.  


Tribute acts are different from casinos in many ways owing to the kind of content they deliver. While many casino games use Random Number Generators (RNGs), tribute acts retain the human touch. This may, however not be a difference in the future as gaming introduces live online casino models.  

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Why You Will See More Tribute Bands in Casinos

Casinos have always had live performers appearing regularly to meet their entertainment role and maintain the thrill that keeps patrons rolling. Many people attend to see the big names live and end up spending a lot in the spur of the moment.  

However, in the future, many casinos are likely to engage more tribute acts than original composers. This follows an outcry by tribal casinos who feel entertainment agents have overcharged them. For this and the following reasons, expect to see more Tribute bands on casino stages.  

Tribute Bands are Cheaper

Tribute bands cost less because they are not singing or performing their music that is already famous. For example, a band singing ABBA’s music can not charge the same fees as ABBA.


There are more casinos than the big performers available. At other times, patrons want to see a foreigner’s performance or music by somebody who has already passed away. To fill this void, tribute bands come in handy.  

Online casinos are trying as much as they can to replicate their physical counterparts. You find websites like mFortune staging a live session with a croupier like you would find in a physical casino. Soon, these casinos will be trying to replicate the performances in casinos too. Tribute acts will be their most readily available (and affordable) way to stage big names when they do.


The internet has made it possible to identify the best tribute acts with ease. Most of these groups upload their acts to platforms like YouTube. This makes it possible to spot a band that performs well even if it is far away from a casino. Without such platforms, it would be virtually impossible to know that some of these tribute acts exist. The ability to spot the best tribute acts will encourage casinos to engage them more and more.  

Another win for all tribute act lovers! Onwards, upwards!

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Four Top Tribute Bands in the UK

Tribute Bands are an awesome way to enjoy close-to-reality performances of artists who are either dead or located continents away. Or unaffordable! Many such bands have performances so authentic it would be hard for many people to tell the difference between them and the original artists.  

Moreover, tribute bands are relatively affordable and easy to reach. Usually, they are all rounded up from vocals, choreography, and costumes. Moreover, they possess the ability to perform famous songs and take on requests from their audience. This article highlights some of the top tribute bands in the UK.  

1. The Bootleg Beatles

The band has been listed among the most popular tribute bands in the UK. Its origin can be traced to London where they staged their first performance at a student gathering after it was created in 1980. The band continued to perform low-key events and shows across the globe as it continued to gain momentum and deep roots. The band has performed in several world-class corporate events. The band has staged over 4500 shows since its formation. It is still active with Gordon Elsmore, Tyson Kelly, Stephen Hill, and Steve White.  

2. ABBA Experience Band

This is one of the most influential tribute bands in the United Kingdom. It consists of renowned members who have flourished in the world of cover bands. Moreover, the band is reassuring of its glorious performance acts on stage. With years of experience in the industry, the band continues to stage performances in theatres, festivals, weddings, and corporate events.  

It incorporates the taste of the oldies and those of the new generation. The band is easily accessed via its website and is open for bookings. If you are a lover of tribute acts, you need to sample an ABBA Experience performance.  

3. UB40 Tribute Band

This group has distinguished and dedicated professional musicians feeding their audiences with songs and content similar to the original UB40. The award-winning band is committed to staging a show stopper performance replicating the work of the original UB40 group.  

The band performs in theatres, weddings and other corporate events. Moreover, the original UB40 has inspired various individuals to replicate their work. Among the many inspired is the solo artist Neil. Driven by a passion for reggae music, he performed the moving solo tribute to the UK’s renowned band. However, the UB40 tribute band is the most popular tribute band covering tracks of the original UB40.  

4. The Rat Pack Swinging Live

The award-winning band captures and recreates stellar performances of the original legends and their traits. The group consists of three charismatic male vocalists; Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr.  

They have performed popular sing-along hits such as New York. Their performances are easy to enjoy, and their slick dance moves are simple. This London-based band is ideal for corporate events, weddings, and social events. The band has many positive reviews on their website. In addition, their website is very easy to use for bookings.  

What else would a tribute act lover want?  

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Upcoming Tribute Music Concerts

Tribute events are always a sure bet for fun, and this year is no exception. There are some great “Tribute Shows”  shows to look forward to as 2021 ends and in the early months of 2022. Get ready for some exceptional tribute performances at a theatre near you soon.  

These guys never disappoint whenever they get on stage. They appear like well-known artists from years past, doing credible performances that can make you feel like you are watching the real deal.  

Look out for the following concerts coming soon:  

Bahl Conducts Beethoven 7

The autumn season has arrived, and Bahl is ready to welcome it with a program that will keep you toasty on those chilly evenings. Come out this week for the last performance before the holiday weekend next month.  

The featured artists are German composer Johann Adam Reinken (1812-51) and American composers George Gershwin (1896 -1937). Also, one half of the “Rhapsody in Blue” fame who also wrote such songs as “S Wonderful,” and Charles Ives (widely regarded as America’s first modernist composer).  

The location will be Holland Centre, and the times are as follows:  

*Friday, 24 September, 7:30 p.m.  

*Saturday, 25 September, 7:30 p.m.  

*Sunday, 26 September, 2:00 p.m.  

Ann Hampton Callaway – The Streisand Songbook

From her home in upstate New York, singer/songwriter Ann Hampton Callaway crafts a musical portrait of the iconic Streisand. The second instalment from this two-night engagement at Holland Centre will be Saturday, 23 October, with performances scheduled for 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.  

Dvorak, Walker & Schumann

Schumann’s Symphony Number two will showcase virtuosic ensemble work of the highest order. The Omaha Symphony will premiere this piece at the Joslyn Art Museum. Join them on Sunday, 9 January from 2 p.m. and witness musical magic in person. They will perform Schumann’s second symphony with your support drumming alongside these talented musicians.  

Bahl and Time for Three

The Dutch indie-pop group Time for Three will join the orchestra for Jennifer Higdon’s Concerto 4-3. They plan to include an exciting new sound in a performance that audiences have never heard before. The symphony is certain to please any music lover as it includes pieces like Rachmaninoff’s Symphony No. 2 in E minor, which was written when he had lost his hearing from illness.  

The Holland Centre dates are 11th and 12 February at 7:30 p.m. This show will not disappoint if you’re looking forward to seeing something fresh outside of what your average classical concert comprises.  

Tchaikovsky 4 with Maestro Bahl

Lara St. John returns alongside violinist Martin Kennedy. Together, they’ll premiere his new concerto for the instrument in an unforgettable evening at Holland Centre.  

The action goes down on Friday, 20 May and Saturday, 21 May 2022 from 7:3 to pm. So please get your tickets now before it sells out. 

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