Anything that can bring what we love back to life or make it live forever is a gem we would all love. Luckily, that is what tribute acts do – immortalise the songs and musicians we love. Tribute acts are popular in the UK and beyond.  

This is why we created a website dedicated to you, the tribute act lover. On this site, we cover everything that pertains to tribute acts- music, bands, events, tickets and more. We have curated content for you under several categories.  

Tribute Bands

Find out about the people who work to keep the greatest songs alive. Which are the top tribute bands? Which songs do they play, and where do they play? What makes them unique in their category?  

Events and Shows

Tribute music sounds different when you experience it in a live performance. It is often the closes you can get to see the original artist. Bands strive to imitate the original performers as close as possible. For this reason, there is a list of upcoming performances and how you can attend them.  

Buying Tickets

Save yourself the trouble and disappointment of finding tickets with this article on how and where to buy tickets to these events. Learn about the best deals and how to avoid scammers when buying tickets.  

All the content here is specially packaged—no TLDR content, just specific articles providing the specific content you need.